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maybride2017 Posts: 232
How much did people spend on wedding décor? Ive been give a quote for decorating the room with prop hire and center pieces and hanging lanterns, with drop off and collection, I need to work out if it is worth my while getting it in one bundle from this company or putting it together myself? What did people spend on their decorations and center pieces and what did you buy?
lorrimar Posts: 837
The only decoration we bought for the venue was fabric to cover the shutter on the bar ( the hotel later provided cover) flowers for the civil ceremony and some signs. Our venue provided a fairylight backdrop and fairylight entrance arch. They also provided the chair covers & sash, table centerpieces and lanterns to line the aisle and the walkway to the room.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
About €700 when you include everything...most of that went to the florist (so bouquets etc are included in that price) Flowers, candles, pew end jars for the church. Mirror sign and crates at church door. Yay flags instead of confetti. Suitcases for order of service and tears of joy to sit in. Bunting, tissue paper pom-poms, flowers at venue, candles, various frames and signs at venue, props for dessert table display. That also includes the paper, glue, ink etc to make the DIY aspects.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
We have big ideas for our décor, like bits and pieces and props everywhere and we really want loads of bunting and lanterns hanging from the roof, to give it a festival vibe, you's both seem to do really well with your budgets! well done!! we really need to sit down and see what we need. I love those bird cages filled with flowers but they are really expensive, 50euro each, so the idea of renting everything and having someone else look after it is very appealing!
Shelly321 Posts: 96
We're renting our decor through Finesse. I've dealt with Mary who is very helpful. I'm getting backdrops put up which is costing a lot so I gave her An estimate amount I wanted to spend on decor and she tailored the quote to suit that. She covers church, reception and the bridal party.
HopefulMumtobe Posts: 54 do a church package for €425.00 & there is no limit on what you want in the church, lanterns, spray for alter, pew end, outside arch etc etc. I,m looking for a place that do like tree like shrubs with little lights oin them for table centrepieces as mines a Xmas wedding i,d like it looking winter wonderlandyyy if anyone can help please!
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Hi @HopefulMumtobe their site is really good! But their full day package is saying 1200, the one I was quoted is about 400 euro less than that, do you know if they include pick up,set up and collection the next day from the venue? I really like their pieces might be worth a look. Im not having a church wedding, im having a civil ceremony and my location is stunning so im only having a bunch of flowers on the top table and that's it, it litterly needs nothing else which is great, so all my decorations will be for the venue after. If your not getting married till next year a good idea would be to wait till January and buy your center pieces in the xmas sales? Shops will be selling their xmas stuff off cheap then! :)
HopefulMumtobe Posts: 54
Hi May Bride, I only got quoted for the church! They arrive & set it up for you & once the service is over they will remove everything! The good thing is there are no limits once you pay the price. I,m sure they will collect everything the next day etc, I mailed their FB page a girl called Audrey she was really helpful so maybe worth a try. Maybe i could get the name of the place your been quoted from please. I am looking at White LED Sparkle Dancefloor Full Ballroom Uplighting .Fairylight backdrop Fairylight top table skirt, Fairylight cake table skirt & i have a quote All this for just €800!! Great idea actually with waiting for the Jan sales!! Thanks a mill. :eek Its all so exciting
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Hey I was talking to a girl from I don't think she does all the stuff your looking for tho, its more styling and prop hire!