Wedding dress cleaning and preservation

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Ladylotus Posts: 266
Hi girls, Has anyone used Jackons's Dry cleaning for their wedding dress cleaning and preservation. Any recommendations on places would be great and also can you tell me what you all paid? Thanks a mil!! :thnk
rebelin Posts: 113
Saw this post on a UK site: Interesting discussion about cleaning dresses yourself and sourcing storage boxes. I bought my dress in a sample sale so it needed to be cleaned in a few spots and I'm happy to report I cleaned it myself and its perfect.
bridey09 Posts: 263
I left my dress into Jacksons in Swords last weekend for cleaning, preservation in a box. I'm due to pick it up in 2 weeks so I'll let you know then :wv
La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
I had mine done in Lyk Nu in Donnybrook. It cost 260. It comes back in quite a big box with a clear panel so you can see the dress inside. When i got it back i wasn't happy with how the dress was folded into the box. I'm a bit anal about these things so i've sent it back to be done properly - after paying 260 it was the least i expected. I'm due to pick it up this weekend. Its great to know its taken care of and given its in a box means it easier to store. However if you break the seal on the box you negate the presevation treament so it does stop you from trying it on ad hoc when you get the urge!! I know i'm going to get that urge but after paying 260 its an expensive seal to break...
Ladylotus Posts: 266
Thanks girls for your info! :wv rebelin, great money saving idea but I'm not sure if I can do it in case something goes wrong? I know it's just me but as I want to sell the dress I'm a bit weary? Thanks for the tip tho. If I get braver anytime soon I mite consider it??? bridey09, I'll hang on and wait until I hear from you then. They said they will collect and deliver the dress at my workplace so it'll be so handy for me!!
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
I've not had a wedding dress cleaned yet, but I've had trouble with Lyk Nu of Donnybrook with a normal dress - I left in a chiffon dress and when I came to collect it, not only was there a sweat stain still there, but they had pulled a thread in the dress and when I showed it to them, they tried to blame it on me saying I had left it in like that! O:| Insisted they fix it, so they put a teeny stitch in it, not perfect but at least wearable so I'd advise to stay away from them... :wv
Ladylotus Posts: 266
Thanks PinkRibbons for the heads up... I wasn't going to go with them anyway as they are way too expensive. You'd get the same service elsewhere for much less and it's primarily the same thing - getting a dress cleaned and boxed.