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Anfieldbabe8 Posts: 116
Hi Ladies Some advice regarding collecting my dress. Just got a call from my bridal shop to say my dress has arrived, very excited!!!!!!!! They want me to go in & try it on asap & get bustle etc done. It wasn't due to come in til Christmas/early Jan. My question is should I do fittings now & then bring it home or would they normally hold on to it til nearer the day & then have a final fitting closer to the day. I'm still 4 months out!
MrsMcC2013 Posts: 358
Depends on when your getting married. I collected mine two days before my wedding. I had one (technically two) fittings, about 1 month before the wedding to make sure it fitted perfectly. First fitting she adjusted the shoulders and took in the fishtail a bit more then I had to go back and make sure it was perfect. You tend to lose weight few weeks before the wedding due to running around doing stuff.
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
Hi Anfieldbabe, I collected mine at the end of september before my wedding the following March! It also came in early. I was told to book it in approx 4wks before the wedding for alterations. Perhaps your bridal shop are anxious to do the main things now, but will get you back for a final fitting or two (depending on what needs to be done) a few weeks before the big day. Mine was with the dressmaker for 3weeks - she took it up slightly - took it in & did the bustle. It seemed to be the norm that they don't give you your final fitting until the week of, or the week before as, like OP said, you can often loose a little weight coming up to your wedding. HTH & best of luck! :o)ll
Anfieldbabe8 Posts: 116
Thanks girls not so anxious about bringing it home now then if they'll still do a fitting closer to the day. Can't wait to try it on now!
Fruice Posts: 677
I collected my dress 10 months before the wedding. Not everyone loses weight with all the "running around" before the wedding. I just heard a wedding planner say this a few nights ago, bit of a sweeping generalisation. Many eat when stressed, and many of us don't have running around to do in the weeks before, I actually don't know what kind of running around I'm expected to be doing that would make fall off me, I'm just working as usual and writing lists at home in the evenings!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I put on a bit of weight before my wedding. Nothing major but enough to feel the pinch of the bones in my corset! My final fitting was a week before the wedding.
Anfieldbabe8 Posts: 116
Haha yeah I don't see myself losing weight in the weeks before the wedding. I'm more likely to be going out to dinner & having a few beers ;-) and putting on a few lbs!!! It'll have a bit of give in it though.