wedding dress colour panic

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autumn77 Posts: 7
Hiya girls, I am panicking over my dress that I got in April. I love the dress and the shape it gives me is fabulous and the colour is a champagne/Gold. In the shop i loved it but every photo and evey website I have looked all I see are white wedding dresses and now I am thinking that maybe the dress isnt traditional/weddingy enough. Oh feck, I dont know what to do. I ahve my first fitting in september. Has anyone been to a wedding and loved a dress like that. Our date is 30th November this year. I dont really know what I am asking for, maybe some reassurance
streco80 Posts: 343
Dont be worrying! The colouring suited you. Not everyone can pull it off so honestly count yourself lucky. My cousin recentky got married and she wore a not so traditional wedding dress that was almost silver.....and it was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. It was fabulous! Everyone is different, your dress will be stunning on you, you wouldnt have choosen it otherwise :-)
nic14 Posts: 49
I was trying on dresses recently and tried on a dress that was gold with ivory lace over it. Now my mother wasn't a big fan of it but me and my sister loved was nice to see something different. Like streco80 said you obviously picked it because it looked good on you so don't worry!!
CatzHappy Posts: 2
Don't panic at will be fab and if you loved it in the shop, imagine how much better it will look on the day when you are all dolled up!! Also, champagne/gold will be lovely in November with the autumn/winter colours. Best of luck with everything....
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Don't worry, the dress sounds lovely and it is no harm to be a bit different - too many wedding dresses are same-y these days. Wait til the fitting in September before you make any decision anyway, bet you'll love it all over again.
Bootsie Posts: 448
I think its normal to worry like this.. my dress is quite simple and i'm worried its not dramatic or weddingy enough but I love it and it suits me.. and I'm sure your dress is completely stunning and suits you.. Its fantastic to be a bit different because it really and truly shows your personality!
autumn77 Posts: 7
Ah Girls, thank you so much for taling the time to reply to my post. I have three weddings this weekend and all the brides were speaking to me this weekend ( not knowing we are secretly organising our own day ) and they were telling me about their dresses. So i suppose i just panicked. I love the dress and all will be well, i was just having a freaky attack. thanks so much. hope all your plans are going well, Autumn