wedding dress delay

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exoticbride Posts: 8
Hi girls, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a delay on delivery of their wedding dress due to volcanic ash??My dress was due in end april. Not in now till end may. Just wondering if this is a common problem. Getting married in 8 weeks. Have been told that 1st fitting will not be till 3 weeks before the wedding whether dress is in(as in month ago or 2weks later due to delay)) Is this the norm?? Getting bit worried now. When is first fitting usually???
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
im getting married on 13th Nov and i was told to ring to schedule appoints for fittings in Sept. i bought my dress off the rail
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Gosh it never occurred to me that dresses could be delayed because of the ash!! I'm getting married August 7th, dress due in end of June with first fitting early July. I might give them a ring next month just to check that all is in order. Fingers crossed your dress arrives soon!!!
exoticbride Posts: 8
Yea it's a worry now been told that delay with bridesmaids dresses as well which getsd them in two weeks before wedding due to volcanic ash. Ordered them last February!!! Not sure if it's been used as exuse!Just wondering if anybody else is hearing this from bridal shops??And if it's the norm to only get first fitting 3 weeks before weding??Thanks
ohsotired Posts: 7071
What designers did you order? I wonder if the delay is at their end more so than the bridal shop? My fittings don't start until 3-4 weeks before wedding so I wouldn't worry about that! One shop I looked in said their fittings start 2 months before which is crazy imo!!
CakesAndFavours Posts: 66
I have to say im more than surprised to hear of delayed shipping due to volcanic ash at this stage! (fair enough having something delayed for a week or so right at the start or middle of the cloud but not a whole month ). I had an order shipped from the USA during the last week of the ash cloud, It was an expidited parcel via UPS (expidited is one of their longest services) and normall takes 5 working days i expected a delay but I got it within the 5 days! If its in transit would you not request a trace number. I just think its very surprising. ( I understand there might have been a slight delay in them receiving materials but this really only affected things for about 10 days.
cindarellawoman Posts: 390
I know you must be worried. I would be too if I'm being honest. I would ring them again and put the pressure on. It cannot be delayed that much because of the volcanic ash, sure the flights were going away grand there for ages....You could do without the stress, I would definately phone them again. Good Luck