wedding dress dilema - HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mgbride2010 Posts: 97
Hello girls, I have picked my wedding dress and know its def THE ONE I was near cryin the 2nd time I put it on ..........and then my jaw hit the floor when I heard the price..... Anyhoo, I have been trawling the net looking at and have found it in America at a fraction of the price but am a bit scared of ordering online Has anyone ordered online from america??? what do you think?????????
rocj Posts: 799
what shop in america did you see it in. i have ordered my bridesmaids dresses from america
shoppergal Posts: 1179
If it's a reputable supplier and you've ready good reviews of them I'd definitely order online. I'd have no problem if I was going to be saving. Why not post the name of the American website on here and I'm sure people will be able to give feedback.
mgbride2010 Posts: 97
Hey i've seen it on
May09Bride Posts: 1050
Hey I got my dress and BM's dresses all from RK Bridal in america and they are perfect, had no problems with them and just need a few minor alterations!! HTH
cax Posts: 258
[quote="mgbride2010":1hpdsxfc]Hey i've seen it on[/quote:1hpdsxfc] Hey ive just checked that website and my dress is on it!! I havent bought it yet but its my fav one ive tried on and was gonna go for it. It quarter of the price on the website than in the shop! :o)ll But Now im unsure like u mgbride !!!
mgbride2010 Posts: 97
Hi hcatherine, I know i couldn believe the price on their either :o)ll :o)ll too good to be true maybe i don't know >:o( >:o( i have just emailed them and asked them to get back to me about shipping /taxes etc also asked them for someone i could contact to recommend...hope it doesn't sound too cheeky :-8 I'll let u know if they get back to me :wv
brideame Posts: 5
Hey girls!! I took the chance and ordered my wedding dress from Had my dress within a couple of weeks and its perfect!! so so happy..........saved a fortune!!! Best of luck with your decision xx
PinotNoir Posts: 34
Some sites are selling copies of dresses not the original dress. Confirm that the dress they're selling is by the designer before you order
Sunny2 Posts: 13
Hi, I just checked out that site and they seem to be manufacturers so I wouldn't be so sure that they are actually selling original designer dresses and not just copying them but Im sure if you email them you could find out. One of the testimonials also talks about the dress that was 'made' for them. I have also seen the dress I want on this site at a quarter of the price and cannot push away the feeling that it might be too good to be true!!! I have also tried looking for other reviews on them but can't find any. I will defo be contacting them anyway to see if they are making the dresses or have the designers with certificates of authentication. Best of luck