Wedding Dress Dilemma

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bubbly10 Posts: 146
Hi all, after several weeks of looking, i think ive found my wedding dress - heres a link ... _lirio.jpg (not sure how to upload pic) - my prob now is that its E2200 without alterations :eek. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over what I was hoping to pay. its a Novia D'art dress and Ive had a look on the internet but I cant seem to find any cheaper stockists. Anyone got any good US websites I could try (not on RK Bridal) or anyone buying this designer???
energisedbride Posts: 172
you should try house of brides and (i think, mite be .ie though) good luck with the hunt!!
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
if anybody can find it cheaper, the wol girls will! have you tried the uk or the north?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
bubbly10 Posts: 146
Thanks for your replies girls and thanks littlelily for posting the pic O-O . Ive tried those website, no luck unfortunately - have also tried the northern and UK stockists but none of them stock my dress. Looks like if I want it will have to pay up :o0 For info has anyone used or heard anything about those websites that copy the dress (buyer 1oo I think)?
sinead266 Posts: 914
hi i bought copied wedding dresses for my bridesmaid and im well pleased with them, i think its worth a chance to try a copy to see, but you also have to think of losing the £100 if you dont like it.hope this helps