Wedding dress disaster...need your help!

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MrsMc G2B Posts: 179
Okay after 5 months of deciding, id planned to order dress yesterday to find out a friend of mine has it already ordered, so to cut a long story short, I'm back to the grindstone and need advice on the best bridal shops in northern ireland!!! Hoping to do 3 in one day so if they were close(ish) to each other then even better!!!????? :action34 I've done derry so anyone got any other advice/suggestions!!! Would be greatly APPRECIATED!!! :wv :thnk :wv
handtwins Posts: 866
Blush in Belfast, Castle Couture in Ballymena and Willow Moon in Dungannon have stunning designer dresses, also highly recommend Myrtle Ivory in Dublin.
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Have you tried McElhinneys in Ballybofey? Got my dress there, they have a good range and you get a good deal if you pay in sterling as well. Go armed with cash in case you see something and want to put a deposit down :wv
handtwins Posts: 866
There is no way I would pay cash, what if the shop goes bust? Credit card all the way for the added security
petersgirl Posts: 1568
It's only if you want to avail of the 1.20 euro/sterling rate - and would only be a deposit, which you'd have to pay in any shop. You get a receipt and a contract from them like any other shop. You can pay in euro too by whatever means you like, it's only if you want to get the exchange rate :wv
cutebride2b Posts: 313
[quote="CNB2011":1hwzwjkr]There is no way I would pay cash, what if the shop goes bust? Credit card all the way for the added security[/quote:1hwzwjkr] i cant see mcelhinneys going bust tbh...fantastic bridal wear from even when my mum got married 25 years ago :heartbeat: i got mine in havin bridal in moira, omg their dresses are outstanding...wud be well worth a trip mrs was the 1st place i went because their website looked class and i went to several but went back to it..cant wait till january to see it woooo
Cowpat Posts: 264
I'd recommend The Bridal Showroom in Derry. (Tel 028 7137 7105) Peggy there fitted me for my dress and my Mum for her's 35 years ago! She was the most helpful of all the bridal shops in the Derry area that I visited. Knew exactly what kind of dress I was looking for and what would suit my body shape. I came away feeling great and not like a fat, ugly frump that many of the other shops made me feel when they'd tell me they'd nothing to suit me!
dglbride Posts: 320
There are two good shops and Lurgan (do early) then head for Belfast, half hours drive..... I got mine in Perfect Day, thought the girls were really good.....
sinead266 Posts: 914
pm'd you
grogmg Posts: 455
H2b sister got her dress in bridal shop in Trillick Co.Fermanagh, cant think fo the name of it off hand!