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MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Hi ladies, looking for some advice. I cannot find a wedding dress - 7 shops & 35+ dresses & everything is just "nice". I dont want to spend a grand plus on "just nice" & its really getting me down ! I have settled on the style that suits me so thats not a problem. I have been going shopping with my bridesmaids & my mother, but they arent being horrible but nothing has wowed them (or me for that matter). O:| What are your thoughts on dress shopping solo? Is this strange to do or a common thing? I need to change something cus it just isnt working, thankfully i do have time on my side. Thanks a million!
Cakeybride Posts: 96
Hi there I don't think shopping for a wedding dress on your own is strange at all. I used to do this a lot during my lunchtimes at work. I would make some appointments and try as many as possible on and if there were any I liked, then I would go back with my sister/CBM for her opinion. Sometimes it's better to go under your own steam as there's no pressure to feel you have to like a dress. Don't worry, you'll find the perfect one. I must have tried on over 100 dresses in London and Ireland but I had plenty of time too so didn't feel rushed and I love shopping! Have you looked online etc? I have a spreadsheet of LOT of dress shops which you're welcome to, if you'd like it? Might be some places that you haven't thought of yet.
Jitteryjo101 Posts: 8
I'm in say position but not so plentiful with time! Would love that list if I could! I'm in the munster area, thanks in advance!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I would love the list also, if you could send to me would be great or I can PM you my email address? I have checked online & all the ones i LOVED where again just ok on me ! I have lots of friends getting their dresses on the first day of dress shopping etc & its really annoying, at the risk of sounding bridezilla I want my dress now! lol.
Cakeybride Posts: 96
Hi It won't allow me to attach the lists so if you want to pm your email addresses, I'll send them on (have one for BM dresses and shoes too :-))
BrideCath Posts: 10
There's nothing wrong with going on dress shopping solo. You may be able to find the dress that is 100% according your taste and preference. Hope the you'd find the dress with the "wow" factor you're looking for! :)
BlueRoses Posts: 4
Hi there If you wouldn't mind I would love if you would pm that list to me. I just booked our venue and church for September 2015. I have only starting looking at dresses but I really don't know where to start. Its all a bit overwhelming! I haven't been shopping on my own yet but I think I would! It's more efficient and then you can show your favourites/ maybes to you family/ friends. They're just my thoughts! best of luck with the shopping !!
Noisin Posts: 448
Ah don't be worrying about how many shops you do. I did 11 shops in totally, had never planned on doing that many, just that's the way it turned out for me. I did all the shops by myself, as I couldn't be dealing with people's opinions. Ya some shops were like oh your on your own, oh, did ya not bring anybody??? Obviously I was by myself, but generally people were very nice. Bought my dress in Tuam in THistles , the owner is a guy Eoghan and he is very nice and never batted an eyelid that I was by myself. After I found the dress I bought i proceeded onto 3 other shops as I had them already booked. Afraid sometimes ya just have to go through the motions. If your finding it hard to choose, maybe try Dinagh Modes in Castlerea she has a good name for helping you to pick a dress to suit your shape. She charges a fee of 50 euro which I begrudged paying but she did describe the dress I had tried on in TUam earlier that morning, as the dress that would best suit my she does know her stuff and she has a great selection, and loads girls do buy off had, hard get a weekend appointment.....
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Thanks all, I think I will try do one shop on my own at least & if it's a positive experience it could be the way forward!
Gembob Posts: 36
I'dvdef recommend looking solo. I'd been to several dress shops with my bridesmaids and mam and didnt have alot of luck. Kinda felt over whelmed with with all the different opinions. I ended up going on my own and found my dress in smart brides, portlaoise. Because it was only me, it was about only me and what I was looking for. Saying that I loved looking with my mam and bridesmaids. That's the most fun.