Wedding dress query

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sept2010aa Posts: 25
Hi, I found the dress I love at 1/4 the price it was at last year, but its in a size 14 only. Is there anyone out there who knows if altering it from a size 14 to a 10 will alter the shape of the dress too much? It a fishtail shape... any help would be grateful
NemoFish Posts: 2501
I'm not an expert, but I would imagine that as a fishtail dress is so fitted, it might make a difference. Did you try it on. Wedding dresses are often sized quite small, it may only be a 12 in reality.
sept2010aa Posts: 25
No, I found it on the internet so no chance to try it on. I think you may be right about losing the shape of the dress, maybe i'll come across it again...
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
maybe ask a dress maker or alterations person - they would give you a better idea and ask for the exact measurements of the dress from the place you are buying it from . Is it second hand or a sample ? just remember that the dresses do strech a bit when you ar put on and off all the time.
sept2010aa Posts: 25
I think its a sample as was in their sale collection Think i'll ask my dressmaker who's doing some other stuff for me Thanks for the info folks :)
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
size 14 might not be a regular size 14. i tried on loads of dresses in one shop all the same size, some fitted & some were too small maybe it would be small fit? do the have the measurements of the dress online?
sept2010aa Posts: 25
Nope Here;s the link to it ... ailS24.htm
Perfect Day NI Posts: 496
I used to sell this dress ( might acutally still have in my store of sale dresses too-but mine is a 14 too) but yes it should be ok to alter. As someone said remember that size 14 in bridal is different to high st. We have sold sample dresses to girls who have had them taken in 3 sizes - and there was more work in it than that dress. It should be fine - if ur saving a good amount of money then go for it. Bxx
kittypurry Posts: 897
[quote="sept2010aa":3g4xdrdr]Nope Here;s the link to it ... ailS24.htm[/quote:3g4xdrdr] oh wow there are some stunning dresses in that sale for next to nothing, i hope there are bargains like that next year when i go dress shopping, ideally i'd love a dress ordered especially for me but if i found a stunning dress that was a sample and in excellent condition i wouldnt hesitate in buying it
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
[quote="sept2010aa":27n7h35m]Nope Here;s the link to it ... ailS24.htm[/quote:27n7h35m] beautiful dress! hope you get it! :thnk