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lulu Posts: 53
hello, please can someone help me? for the last month i have been going to all the bridal shops in dublin looking for a wedding dress. "when is your wedding they ask?" "um, september" "this year?" they ask, "yes" i reply. "impossible, it takes six months to order a dress. i look at the dresses in the shops they are all big flouncy things with lots of beading and all cost about 2000 euro. i am getting married in a registry office and only want a simple dress to wear at the reception in the evening. does anyone know of a shop (other than monsoon, i have been there) where you can get a dress that doesn't take six months to order? a simple one, scoop neck, empire line, nothing fancy, nothing i have seen is simple. are simple wedding dresses not available in this country? all i see is princess meringues!!
Blue Posts: 104
[quote:1owpi2qh]hello, please can someone help me? for the last month i have been going to all the bridal shops in dublin looking for a wedding dress. "when is your wedding they ask?" "um, september" "this year?" they ask, "yes" i reply. "impossible, it takes six months to order a dress. [/quote:1owpi2qh] This is utter bollox. I spoke with Margerat Lee who manufacture wedding dresses and they have it delivered to the shop within 14 weeks. I asked them to recommend a shop that wouldn't screw me around. I found one in Athy, the dress is 200 cheaper and will be delivered in 3.5 months. I'm not sure about where to find a simple dress but if you do, contact the manufacturer, explain your concers re: time and they should help you.
lulu Posts: 53
is your dress a margaret lee dress? to be honest, the experience so far has been a total nightmare. i have yet to meet a nice shop assistant. they are all complete b****s. they sneer at me when i walk in. i feel like asking them "why are you being such a b**ch?" but refrain. I brought a friend with me the other day just to show her their reaction. Wait for it I said, they will more or less show me the door or direct me to their sample rack if they have one.
Toobusy Posts: 28
Lulu, I'm with you all the way on this. I didn't want a big flouncy, fancy. expensive dress either. Like yourself, I'm trying to have a fairly simple wedding, although at the rate I'm going it's going to be as complicated as anyone elses! I'm not a fan of long engagements, so once we got engaged, we decided we wanted to get on with getting married. We got our venue organised, then the venue told me they had double-booked and we had to start again. The result was that I only went looking for a dress 2.5 months before the wedding! I tried on some traditional dresses to see would I change my mind, as people had said to me that you see yourself in the dress and all of a sudden you realise that this is what you want. I didn't change my mind and just saw this tiny little girl (I'm 5 foot 6 and a size 10-12, so I'm not huge but a long way off tiny) who looked about 16 (I'm a lot older than 16). it just wasn't me. First of all, I would strongly recommend lying about your date in Bridal Shops! I told the truth in one shop and was told "You'd want to get your skates on missy!" If you lie, you can try the dresses on and you'll at least know if they'd suit! I told the (very nice) man in Town Bride in the Powerscourt Townhouse that my date was 1 October and this didn't faze him at all. I asked him when I would need to decide on a dress and he said that he wouldn't like to put any pressure on me, but the sooner the better. However, he said he'd seen people leave it much later! If you wanted to try on tradition wedding dresses, Town Bride was really good. I decided to avoid Bridal Shops and decided to go looking at evening wear. I found a beautiful simple ivory top and skirt in a large city centre department store! Clerys, Arnotts, Debenhams and BT all have a good selection. I also looked in Ceylon in the City (Wicklow Street?), Richard Alan, Pamela Scott, Pia Bang, Coast - I didn't find anything in any of these shops, but I was looking for a very different style to what you're looking for. There's a shop beside the Westbury Mall, that has amazing stuff (again perhaps not your style) and there's that shop around the corner from the back of Stephen's Green shopping center (someone please pitch in and help out with names!). There are also a few interesting shops around Cows Lane in Temple Bar, which might be worth a gander. I also had a look at some vintage stuff - Jenny Vander and A Store is Born. I also tried on dresses in the style I was looking for, but in different colours with a view to having something similar made if I didn't find anything off the peg and I did see things that were options. Keep in mind that there will be Debs dances in September, so shops will probably get more evening wear in between now and September. Sorry that this is so long, but I wanted to let you know that you're not the only girl in the world in your position and that it will work out! The main thing is to keep calm!
Glan Posts: 199
Total sh*t. My friend ordered her dress from DeStafford on Sat & her wedding is in exactly 3 months. Did you try Sharon Hoey. She does Jenny Packham dresses & they are gorgeous, really simple & elegent
Lara Posts: 334
Principles do evening wear - might be worth a try. Good luck!
Blue Posts: 104
[quote:2gzxic1m]is your dress a margaret lee dress?[/quote:2gzxic1m] Yes, it's very plain, but it's a-line and has a train, so probably a bit princessy for you. Have you tried Cathy de Stafford? They're really decent in there and I found Pronuptuia decent enough.
Blue Posts: 104
Have you tried this label? They have some nice plain dresses in the 'Chic' section ... p?idioma=2
lulu Posts: 53
De Stafford was one of the first places I tried. Their reaction was "oh, no, impossible." They were also quite unhelpful, I could hardly life some of the dresses off the rails they were so heavy. Maybe they think I'm Muriel. Maybe they think I'm not getting married at all, I'm not sophisticated, I turn up in jeans, no makeup, messy hair, usually with no sign of an engagement ring (i have one, i just don't wear it every day). Obviously I'm Muriel. :-( I'm going to New York next week and am hoping I'll find something there. I've made an appointment with a dress maker. I was told 4 to six weeks. Can I ask, when dress shopping, is it better to go in a gang? Usually I have been on my own? Maybe in a gang it would be better. :-)
Minxie Posts: 884
See, I don't get this about deStafford. I bought my dress there. Last October to be precise. I'm getting married on 9th Sept and I was told the dress wouldn't be in and I wouldn't need to try it until June/July so I have no idea whats going on - it has indeed arrived but my first fitting won't be for a few weeks. They are probably trying to cover themselves. Having said that I have found them so far to be the nicest people on the planet!! I went in, wearing jeans and runners and I was treated like a queen. I may have brushed my hair and worn make-up and engagement ring but I doubt thats how they judge people. They're just being careful, honestly!