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Lorenna Posts: 57
Hi all, Ive been reading online that Jan/Feb/March are the busiest months for wedding dress shopping because of all the new brides getting engaged over christmas. Also that Saturdays are busy too. Ive made an appointment with a bridal shop for a Saturday in March and they have assured me that it is a private appointment. Can anyone explain to me how it would be busy then during this period then if you have made an appointment? Ive been engaged for a while but I didnt want to go shopping too early, however I also dont want to leave it much later than March when it might not be as busy as this will be a year before the wedding and apparently if you order a dress it can take a number of months to come in.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I don't think I understand your question but while your private appointment is private yes, they will have a bride in before/after you & you have an allotted time, you cant be in all day trying on dresses. Saturdays are always busy because a lot of people work Mon-Fri or can only meet up with their bridal party/family on Saturdays so its always best to book a weekend apt early.
Lorenna Posts: 57
Ive read online that bridal shops tend to have loads of brides in them during these busy months. But if you have an appointment what does it matter who is after or before you if you still have your allotted time. Really what im wondering is why do people suggest you avoid these months when you have an appointment what difference does it make.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I wouldn't avoid any of those months - I would just organize myself early if I needed a Saturday appointment.
comprometida Posts: 143
I think the point is that bridal shops differ - some places will give you a private slot and in others you will be sharing the shop and mirrors with 2/3 other brides. That was my experience anyway. And that's why people would avoid busy periods. On your other point dresses can take 6 months + to come in depending on the designer so the sooner you go the more options you'll have.
esla2016 Posts: 214
In larger stores this can be an issue - e.g. Pronovias in London will have 6 brides in at once and the space isn't very big, so you see all the brides. In Irish shops a private appointment is private. Most Irish bridal stores don't have space to have more than 3 brides in at once, quite a lot even in Dublin only do one at a time. I think some of that advice you have read may be more applicable in the UK or US than in Ireland, so it does depend on where you are located.
Lorenna Posts: 57
great..thanks ladies!!