Wedding dress shopping on your own?

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Dulux Posts: 330
Did anyone go on their own?
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
I did to one shop when I started looking and again to re-try my dress before I ordered it.
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
I did , the dress I picked was the only dress I looked at, saw it in a mag and fell in love. Mam and sis just saw it proper in real life when sis had her BM fitting.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
I didn't intend to!!! I had an early mornign appointment in bridal Wraptures but the 2 BMs who were coming with me were late so by the time they got there i was almost finished. The girl there was so nice though and got to look at loads of diferent styles.
noc Posts: 1802
For first appointment (a friday) it was in a fairly formal place (Bridal Wraptures - lovely girl there) so I invited 2 of my sisters - also cos I thought they'd be interested. The following day I went to a few places on my own.H2B wanted to come with me but I told him to get away outta that :) but no luck on this day :o( . The 3rd day (the Monday after) I decided to pop into a place that was on my way home as sometimes I get to leave work earlyish. By chance I happened to find 'the dress'. Almost ordered it there and then but though I'd get a second opinion and give my mother a chance to see it as she was disappointed she couldn't make the first appointment and I didn't want to exclude her as it's a special time for her too. So I rang my sister in my excitement and told my other sisters and mother that I was going in again on Wednesday if they wanted to come and they did. They loved it too. So in summary, I did most of my looking on my own. And my hunt was probably shorter for it cos you tend to be quicker when you're on your own. To be honest I know what suits me and what I like, but I was glad I went through the 'formality' of involving my family because I didn't want to take that away from them. They'd have been sad to miss out totally I'm sure. Don't worry about looking on your own. There's nothing wrong with it.
willful Posts: 6822
I did-just wasn't arsed with all the fuss and didn't want to get loads of confusing different opinions. Just went to about 3 shops, found my dream one and then rang my mum to come down to see me in it. Went back the next week and ordered it-only my mum had seen it. When the BMs eventually did they all loved it!!! Don't be worried or embarrassed about going on your own-everyone is different-it just suited me much better that way! Enjoy the shopping-it's such a fun part!!!
Mammypig Posts: 832
had a look around on my own but didn't try anything on. don't seem the harm in it though and if you see anything you like maybe bring someone back with you for a second opinion
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
I hadn't intended to but I went to a few shops on my own. More happened by chance really as I was working all over the country and did that to pass the time. All the shops I went to were fine about me being on my own - I thought they'd think I was a loner or something :o0
Capetown Posts: 976
The first time I went looking at dresses I brought a friend. Disaster anything I liked she didn't and visa versa.I found a dress that I liked the first one I put on. SHe didn't like it at all so I kinda felt funny about that one. I went to 2 more shops on my own and found nothing I liked. Then someone posted their dress on this site and I thought it was fab. I rang around to get a shop who had it in stock and tried it on (in a size to small for me.) After trecking half way round the country to try on a dress I decided it was definitly for me. All my friends my sister and mother thought I'd lost it. Travelling so far to try on a dress that I only saw a picture of. So I guess ye found it for me. :thnk
bobbyjoe Posts: 395
I went on my own and no one saw my dress until it collected it a few days before the wedding. i was nervous at times that it wasnt nice on me but in my heart i knew it was the right dress. i didnt want the fuss and sometimes others peoples opinions can cloud your own feelings. i would recommend going by yourself