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mary kate Posts: 11
Hello everybody, has anyone any tips on how to shop for wedding dresses online. I can't seem to find any website other than individual shops own websites??? Any help to get the ball rolling would be great!
URSULA01 Posts: 12
You can find lots of wedding dress shops/suppliers through e-bay which offer great deals and some beautiful dresses. Just check out all their reviews before purchasing. Hope this helps :xxs
perfection Posts: 837
try... rk or or discount desginer.........hope these help
Bubbles100 Posts: 48 and seem good esp to get an idea of prices etc!
atlast2010 Posts: 444
or get a bridal magazine and look up suppliers websites by getting the names on the ads. Every second page in a wedding magazine in for a dress. Most of them have their 2010 range or the best of it online. I also find an american website good for inspiration you can filter dresses by shape and style so only look up ones that suit your shape.
eagerbride2011 Posts: 242
I got my dress off they have 100's of styles!!
pinklady2 Posts: 402
Try .They have loads of collections and are also great for bridesmaid dresses. :)
bigday10 Posts: 13
Hey all, am looking into buying dress online from america. Just wondering do you have to pay tax here, when you get it?
Kaycee Posts: 2107
yes if its caught by customs
mary kate Posts: 11
Thanks for all those great site, I'll be busy!