wedding dress storage-advice needed!

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dipso Posts: 34
hi Ive just had a call from my wedding dress shop and my dress is in! it came in 2 months earlier than expected. For various reasons I'm having it couriered to my home as its fully paid for. BUT my wedding isnt until next summer. and i need some advice on how i can store it at home (which i share with my fiance) without any damage. anyone done this?? wollies expert advice would be apprecited! XX
doone Posts: 503
i'm sure the shop have it in a dress bag? if its see through you could put a Duvet cover over it. Thats what i did as i bought my dress in the US and brought it home boxed. The dressmaker suggested the duvet cover as its should be long enough to cover it while hanging. If you don't have hanging space for it now i've heard of some boxes that come with special paper so you can keep it safely rapped up. just a word of warning the only danger is prob yourself as you'll keep opening it to look at and try on !!! Maybe leave it in you family house ??
mrsw2 Posts: 289
Hi Dipso, I have my dress at home hanging on the side of my wardrobe, been there for months hanging in its bag :o)ll The girls in the shop told me to cover with a new plain white single duvet cover and put it back in the bag and keep it hung. The duvet cover will aparently keep it from getting stained by any condensation in the from the central heating in your house or anything because the bags are kinda plastic iykwim. I have a sneak peek every now and then but I'm used to it being there so I dont think about it anymore. I say no harm in keeping it at home, my h2b wouldnt spoil the surprise for himself and look. Its great too to see it when i walk into the room, it makes me :lvs it all over again :o)ll