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JSJUNE Posts: 6
Has anyone bought a wedding dress in the US and did they have to pay tax on it when it came in? Any shop names welcome. JS
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
I haven't bought from US, but most brides on here can expect to pay/have paid up to 30% in customs charges... which usually still results in savings, so shouldn't be too much of a deterrant. Best of luck
JSJUNE Posts: 6
Thanks a million.... think I have it down to two dresses now. Can't wait for the Big Day.... :-)
smithybride Posts: 5
hi a kinda sneaky way around paying tax on it is to ask for the company sending it to put "Gift" or "For Repair" on the box - that way you won't get charged! Not that I would ever recommend doing it though bit if definitely works if the US company is open to it... ;)