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noddy Posts: 666
well collected my dress from the dry cleaners today and it is still rotten at the bottom, i was kinda annoyed so i mentioned it and they said that they tried several times to get it off and it wouldnt shift O:| O:| O:| 125 euro in the bin more or less!!! :o( i wonder if i brought it to another dry cleaners would they try and get it out?????
NotHere Posts: 10273
I think they do have trouble getting stains out of dresses. I'm ashamed because mine has been in the press for about 8 months because I keep forgetting to bring it in :-8 Maybe if you bring it somewhere else and ask their opinion before leaving it into them?
noddy Posts: 666
ya maybe flutter sure i dont really mind cos i had a great day in it and it was fierce comfie so i cant complain really!!!! when i left it in the woman warned me the stains might not come out and there was a woman waiting and she said "sure isnt that a sign of a good night"" suppose she was right!!!