Wedding dresses cheaper in the UK?

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Sheep Posts: 626
I'm just wondering as I'm going over in a few weeks to try on dresses. I know we get ripped off over here with shops making up their own exchange rates when it comes to the price of normal clothes in shops so I was wondering if the same applied to wedding dresses and if I would be better off buying a dress over there. I know the cheapest thing to do is order it from the US but I haven't found the dress I have my eye on on any of the US websites.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
No idea but i would say with the exchange rate now you could save money - Sure go and try on some and see what prices they are so you can compare
Sheep Posts: 626
Thanks chefmaid. I guess I can't find out the prices in Ireland without making an appointment to try dresses on though can I? I guess it's probably the same difference as I would be flying over to the UK for fittings etc but then I'll be visiting family at the same time so I don't mind that
the winner Posts: 4148
well i know that my dress in alexandras in dublin was 600 euro more expensive than the same dress in a bridal shop in newry... I live 15 mins from newry so its def the best option for me... my dress is a maggie sottero:D Good luck :D
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
I googled a dress that I liked in a dublin shop and found it about €500 cheaper on a uk bridal website.
Sheep Posts: 626
I think I might get it in the UK in that case. Plus it's an excuse to visit home more often if I have to go over for fittings. Thanks guys.
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Buying mine abroad too. The fittings will be a good excuse for a long weekend. Will still be saving on my dress even including the cheapo flights.