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tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
I am probably having just bottles of wine on the tables and hoping people will use this to toast. Is this silly???????
marriedLife Posts: 1881
I've been recommended not to leave bottles of wine on the table by hotel. They said because generally it sits beside a couple of people and the people on the other side of the table don't end up getting as muc iykwim. The hotel said you are better off getting their staff to pore it and then it's distributed evenly. I am either going to have a drinks reception (not champange/sparkling but rather set amount of money behind the bar for say an hour when guests arrive) and wine with wine top up for toast. Or have wine and then toast if cannot push budget towards amount needed for free bar for an hour. I do think that toast drinks are not that much missed anymore but still think they are a nice thought if you can afford it - if not just make sure you have enough wine. They say 1/2 bottle per head - this allows for one glass and two top ups - so if you are using wine for the toast then you'll need to get more than 1/2 bottle per head.