Wedding DVD question

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sparkie Posts: 242
God its strange been back on here after the big day is over.I will eventually get round to doing a report for ye. Quick question - Im trying to organise 9/10 songs for the wedding video - finding it kinda hard as not quite sure where exactly in the dvd he is putting them etc .... untill I dicovered I had a few sample wedding dvds that video guys had given us & on there there are sum lovely songs but is it possible to copy songs from a dvd on to a disc & if so how would I go about it or should the video guy be able himself if I just give him the dvd ???
scotswedding Posts: 2829
Could you give him the names of the songs and let him get them himself from itunes or something? I'm sure he'll charge you plenty for it even if he does do it. No way of knowing without checking with him in fairness though, they're all different at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure that he would be able to get the songs off them but whether it's too much hassle or he just won't is another matter....
wannababba Posts: 1161
Id give him the dvd you have a ask him to copy the songs you want off it onto yours chances are he'll know have them anyways, Glad you enjoyed your big day, looking forward to reading your report O-O