wedding fair Ballymagarvey village

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booba Posts: 13
Girls, do any of ya know when the wedding fair in Ballmagarvey village is?? have emailed them and have had no response at all!!!! dunno if thats a bad sign or not!!!!! :ooh
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
According to their webpage it was on July 4th
pipsnips Posts: 260
it was on sunday just gone! Im sure they will have one in another month or so soon. They specialise in only weddings really its not like your typical hotel etc....maybe thats why your not getting a response. There are mobile numbers online for gillian and peter, maybe give one of them a try. good luck
luckyinlove08 Posts: 305
Anybody know when the next wedding fair will be? Is their one scheduled for August?
pipsnips Posts: 260
12th september is the next one.....4-7pm its on there website! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Bellisima Posts: 3583
You can make an appointment with them at any stage. I went to the wedding fair in July. The only thing that I thought really helped on that day was that the reception room was set up. Otherwise they can show you everything else any day you call. They didnt have any exhibitors there - its not a wedding fair as such. Its basically an open day. Id send an email, I always found them to respond really promptly. Decided not to go with them in the end. Its lovely but I felt the reception room was too small. Plus I didnt like the way there didnt seem to be a bridal suite - like that one of the rooms was distinguishable as the suite. A small point really but I just kind of felt it would have been nice to see one room nicer than the others so that the bride and groom could enjoy a bit of luxury. Is that a bit selfish??? >:o) Anyway it didnt suit our numbers but I know its become popular.