Wedding Fairs - any good?

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belastar Posts: 13
Do you find wedding fairs good to visit? I love this website and seem to find most info here. Worth the time to go? Any idea where you find out about the fairs where different suppliers exhibit for 2010?
FloristJohnPaul Posts: 215
Hi belastar As a supplier I feel its a positive thing as I can meet brides and speak with them face to face. From the brides point of view it allows them to meet potential suppliers and to view their work first hand. If you google wedding fairs 2010 and your area you will get a list of upcoming shows. The biggest will be in Dublin & Belfast but most hotels will host one throughout the year. Hope this helps John Paul
le_tit Posts: 28
Genrally they are good for ideas but a pile of crap for booking supplers. HTH :thnk
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
'Pile of c..p' for booking suppliers? Funny thing to say as most suppliers offer special discounts on the day.
dibbles Posts: 749
I have to agree with booking suppliers!! I have been to three wedding fairs and only managed to book my band out of them as they were playing there on the day!! however didnt get any discount!! never been offered a discount to be honest on anything!!! a car i was looking at was 490euro.. Not a hope would i spend that on a car.. thought maybe 350 would be the going rate!!!
marles Posts: 1397
I must say we had great fun going around to the various wedding fairs. We went to the one in the hotel we had booked the month before the actual wedding.I got a hair piece,jewellery all from meeting a guy at the fair. I think they are a great way of getting a feel for a supplier and getting to know the products they offer. It is very much a personal think. I asked for disocunts and got some ecellent prices.I aslo made it very clear that both myself and the supplier had to be happy with the price,they have a living to earn and I need to pay what i could afford.Some people expect discounts rather than asking.
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi dibbles, Maybe its different in the west, but we have attended many wedding fairs over the past few years and always offer discounts on the day, wedding fairs are important for us as B2B' (mostly) get to see our cars in person and most decide on the spot, hence the dicount. It is also a great way to meet supplies face to face, always advisable as emails, phone calls, websites etc may not reflect reality. Of course, any supplier who does not offer discounts or 'added value' these days, is ignoring the reality of the times we live in. Pat.
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
I didn't go to many fairs but when I did, if I was going to buy or book, I found people very friendly. I will be going to the RDS fair at the end of Jan with my friend who will be getting married Dec 2010. As Getaway Cars have already mentioned, it pays suppliers to discount to a degree as they depend on it with regards to the times we are in. We have tried haggling on everything so far. It pays to be nice when asking than to be rude as you will get more respect and more chance of a discount. If you don't ask, you don't know.
goodtimes Posts: 66
Ive been to two wedding fairs and one was in the hotel we have booked as our venue, we found a lovely girl to do our invitations exactly the way we wanted and very reasonably priced too, so in that respect it was worth going! If nothing else, wedding fairs are lovely days out with your OH, mum or bridesmaids! Have fun x :wv
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I've gone to a few wedding fairs and enjoyed them and meeting suppliers but to be honest I agree with a couple of the other posters here, i didn't find them helpful regarding booking suppliers. I have booked almost all my suppliers based on feedback through family, friends and WOL of course!