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new york Posts: 51
Is it common at Irish weddings to have favors for all the guests?? :wv [img:3qh4fu9u];10720;6/st/20090814/e/Our+Wedding/k/e5da/event.png[/img:3qh4fu9u]
jimies Posts: 20
Yes i think if you are having favours, you would normally have them for all the guests. Sometimes though, they are only given out to the ladies on the day. In my opinion for what its worth, i think they are a waste of time. effort and money. Nobody really understands the time that goes into the producing them, they don't make a huge impact on the overall day. So therefore i am not doing them.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Yes, for all guests. Most weddings I've been to recently will have little sweets or chocolates for all the guests. Not having them ourselves as it's one of the things we will be cutting due to our budget so don't see a real need for them to be honest and don't think they will be missed if you don't have them. Liz.
lcarrick Posts: 1639
yeah i'm not having them either, i'm making a donation to the cancer society instead.
Briony Posts: 185
Not having any favours in my wedding either - going to make a donation to the MS society instead. Was at a wedding recently where everyone got a silver bucket - the ladies' were filled with a small bottle of white wine and an engraved silver luggage tag and the lads' had red wine and cigars. Nice but not necessary. I'd say spend the money on something else.
feb08bride Posts: 656
Hey, Just got married 5 weeks ago, we ahd favours for one per couple only. persoanlly i think thay are a waste of money but i was afraid people would expect them and be disappointed if there were none so i gotthem from the ISPCA, shopping trolley keyrings witha nimal motifs on them.Everybody commented on them even now we are still hearing about them. I was at wedding the day we came home from our own wedding 3 weeks ago where they had chocolates and the guests i spoke to the following day couldn't remember what they were given. Lie the other wollies suggested we were going to make a donation but when we found these keyrings for 3 euro each where approc 2.30 euro goes towards the charity we were very impressed. And i must say the ISPCA were extremley grateful.
jadem Posts: 1787
were donating money to the irish cancer society,you can buy stuff as a favour as your email address if u want the email i got off them :wv
Crills Posts: 87
I am donating to the ispca as well and also getting the keyrings i would not waste money on chocolates i would rather give it to a good cause..