Wedding Favours - how much is too much?

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Mrs Moo Posts: 440
With all the talk on the boards, it's fairly relevant. Ours cost just over €1 per person
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I think it's mental the amount of money being spent on them. If you must have them, I would have said €1-2 would be more than sufficient.
B2BDec06 Posts: 160
JBS Posts: 2
Excuse my ignorance what are favours exactly? I thought they were sweets that are left on the table at weddings? Some of these posts have thrown me a bit!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Deffo with Moniker on this one but each to their own. Spending .95c on ours - 2 choc box from Lily O'Briens.
MrsBobbie Posts: 21
JBS You are correct they are the sweets etc... that you leave on the tables everybody just has different tastes as to what to leave on the table it can become v expensive if u tend to be too extreme. At lease u knew what a favour was!!!
JBS Posts: 2
Cheers bobbie Iwas getting very confusted there. I've been at two weddings where they had chocs on the table and I heard herself and the future sister in law going on about favours os I reckoned that's what they were. B2BDec06 said she wasn't having any but was having choc on the table so I thought I got the wrong end of the stick. If you want a male perspective I wouldn't have noticed if they were there or not I was more worried about what the grub was going to be like!
Leasainm Posts: 149
I do think it is crazy the money people are willing to spend on favours. Actually met a guy at a wedding fair who tried to 'persuade' me to change the colour scheme (which I may add is not at all strict) so that his 'favour products' would tie in with the wedding better! Needless to say I walked away from him quick smart! We're thinking of just leaving some choccies on the table. Half the weddings we've been to haven't had favours and they weren't missed. The only ones we enjoyed were the ones you could eat! Little cards, scrolls and stuff are nice but to be honest (and despite the greatest of intentions) I've never brought home any of these scrolls or little cards they leave on the tables, which is why I won't be doing any. Although I do like the idea of lottery scratch cards. :D Anyway aren't the mass booklets, invitations and thank you cards enough of a momento? There the things that I always hold onto. :wink: