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Dolally Posts: 394
Hi wollies.. Just wondering what the general spend is on wedding favours? What the you guys having? With 150 guests anything I'm looking at is blowing the budget. We are having a sweet cart so sweets/chocolate wouldn't cut it O:|
chocolatekissesld87 Posts: 349
im also having a sweet cart so for that reason i have decided against the favours and putting the money somewhere else im still wondering if ive made the right choice
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
We didn't have the budget for favours but have decided to get personalised little boxes for slices of wedding cake, €20 for 50 boxes on eBay. They have our names & the date printed on them. We got more declines than expected so realised we would have way too much cake leftover, also with the afters food lots of people don't eat the cake so now they can bring it home instead! You could get scratchcards for each guest, at €1 each that's not so bad? Or my OH wanted to make up a CD of the music from our wedding day for each guest but time & money went against him!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Don't bother, seriously. People don't appreciate them. Not worth the hassle if you're worrying about money.
bee0606 Posts: 691
I'm leaning towards not bothering. The last few weddings I've been at most of the favours were just left on the table so it's just throwing away money if that's the case.
MummyBride2014 Posts: 464
Donate to a charity and put a note on the table (or place cards) to say that instead of favours you donated to X charity....everyone wins! I think some charities will give you a card stating this....