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Tying the knot Posts: 71
Hi I have decide to get tulle and personalised bars as favours. My H2B thinks that 2 types of favours is to much. So I need your help girls, what would you prefer. Tulle in gold with love hearts or a personalised bar with our names and date as well as picture in middle.
mad woman Posts: 22106
go with the 2nd one, i think you h2b is right though, one set is enough.
Wol-Aholic Posts: 349
mad woman Posts: 22106
we didnt have them neither but my friend did, suppose everyones just different, but I do remember at her wedding that most people just left the empty boxes on the table
Tying the knot Posts: 71
Hi mad women That's what I am afraid of, if I get the tulle, that they will be lying on the floor. At least people will take home the bars and eat them, because it is Cadbury's chocolate. The bars are also cheaper than the tulle, but the tulle is gorgeous. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
mad woman Posts: 22106
go for whatever makes you happier, because if you dont you will regret it.