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Sin16 Posts: 236
I have made an appointment for consultation with our florist. I have my dress and my bridesmaids. Our colour is dark purple plum. We are also using lace brown kraft card and twine for our invites. All of our stationary will be those colours and styles. Our wedding is november and we will get married in a church. Can anyone give me any advice as to what I should know before I meet the florist or questions I should ask him. I know nothing about flowers. What flowers do we have to have for the church?
Bridiekk Posts: 272
Sin16 - my florist was great to deal with. She had lots of samples in the room and had folders of photos on her laptop. She was able to show us arrangements she had used in our Church and hotel. That really helped to get an idea of what looked well in the Church especially. I would recommend having photos saved on your phone from pinterest or cuttings from magazines to show the types of flowers you like. I had no clue about the names of flowers but she helped with all of that. They meet brides all the time and I'm sure there are only a handful who can quote the names of flowers and exactly what they want. They will be able to offer lots of suggestions I'm sure.
esla2016 Posts: 214
Know your budget - flowers can cost a fortune. Pinterest is definitely helpful, I looked a lot at flowers pictures to get my ideas and took my tablet to the meeting. I'm sure they will talk you through your church options. Also work out how many people you want to have flowers for - how many bouquets, mother bouquets, family buttonholes (I did not want, but mother does, so they are ordered) as well as bridal party
Sin16 Posts: 236
What kind of budget did you set for your flowers?
esla2016 Posts: 214
€600 but I haven't got my confirmed quote back yet! But as mom added stuff in we might be negotiating on that :yelrotflmaosmilie: and I might drop a couple of things We're not doing church tho, so no pew ends or church decor. I've asked for - table flowers for ten tables (I need to confirm exact design, either a centrepiece or a two small glass jars with flowers inside (I need to source the jars) - 2 fancy buttonholes for groom and BM - bridal bouquet & BM bouquet - rental of 2 bay trees with some floral decor and fairy lights (the flowers might get cut) - buttonholes for parents, siblings, siblings partners (12?) - large large arrangement for the ceremony table and candle ceremony - arrangement for the guest book table (tho we might not have guest book)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
[quote="Sin16":27fidj76]Can anyone give me any advice as to what I should know before I meet the florist or questions I should ask him. I know nothing about flowers. What flowers do we have to have for the church?[/quote:27fidj76] I was the same as you, knew nothing about flowers (and to be honest I wasn't that interested in them) so I gave my florist a budget & told her I wanted a neat posy (no big huge long draping flowers) & free reign more or less. She did discuss with me her ideas & showed me things she had done in the church & photos of what she was thinking about & im glad I left her to it cus our bouquets were just gorgeous. Budget is probably the most important thing to go armed with so they know what to work with. And if you really dislike something then tell them that also! But they are experts so they will guide you along. You don't have to have anything in the church - I had no flowers, the church has some flowers day in day out anyways so all I had was bows on my pew ends.