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april2010 Posts: 344
do you all have one?? and if so how do you organise all your stuff in using dividers but everything still seems to be all over the place :-8 can some1 give me some tips please i have lists everywhere but i do need to keep them all separate. thanks ladies :)
msbelle Posts: 726
im in similar boat to you.... feel so unorganised ! everyone talking about lists and stuff im just afraid when i get closer to my date ill forget stuff and not know what needs doing!see post re bridal planning pack :eek
mkb Posts: 1744
ok heres were i sound OCD. I have all mine in a lever arch file. each thing like band, photgrapher dj, venue, church , flowers gets its own section. ive gathered alot of info believe me. so when I book something or someone. they go into sub folder in each of these section and I keep all the quotes, emails, receipts for each subject in this. I also have taken photocopeis of all my booked things and keep it in separate folder just incase this one burns down or something :o0 :o0 :o0 Im sad i know but if i wasn't ocd about this it would look pretty much like h2b wardrobe :o0 :o0
msbelle Posts: 726
Omg Omg stressybessy... you are giving me a panic attack ere :eek i have some serious work to do! im already panicking that things will go wrong and it will be my own fault im not organised!
msbelle Posts: 726
apologies stressyBETTY ... got your name wrong :-8
mkb Posts: 1744
no worries. don't be panicking at all, there is no need at this stage, as i said i try to keep myself organised about this otherwise i would lose everything, it sounds like im really obessed about it now that i read back on it. I should of phrased it better :o0 its just a lever arch file and some dividers but it does help just to keep everything in check and for when im trying to show people bits and bobs that i had my eye on. you don't essentially need one but its just we spend so much on everything else for the day that keeping your receipts etc in folder seems such a small thing to do keep it all together.
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
jeepers - I'm impressed stressybetty! I just have a box into which I throw everything! Most of the info is on my pc so really should make backups!
Love hearts Posts: 289
I have mine in an accordian file so i can put each little card into the labeled pocket. i love it so cool.
stephyb Posts: 1439
Only ever had an ideas folder - which was mostly cut-outs from magazines - i keep everything on my laptop which is divided and sub divided. i do however have a large envelope which contains smaller envelopes. Each thing i've booked gets it's own envelope with contract, receipt, contact details, amount paid, amount to be paid and when that money is due. x
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks folks, I cant believe people are impressed at me being organised, H2b thinks im a right physco over it, but that only because he is not allowed go near it anymore, he brought it around to his mothers and showed them everything. talk about ruining the suprise.