Wedding Gift for Hubby2B

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kittykat1986 Posts: 6
Hi All, Just looking for some help - you would imagine I should know this already! Lol I am getting married in March 2016 in Las Vegas and I have no idea what gift to get for my hubby2B!! He is not a jewellery man at all wearing a wedding ring will be a huge change for him! I want to get him something that will have sentimental value but I have a mental block? Any ideas anyone? Much appreciated :)
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I got my husband an o'clock watch in our wedding colours, 4 bottles of champagne with 'open when' gift tags on them -first anniversary, first baby, first Christmas, first fight. And then, as the sentimental part I made him a groom's journal - he loved it!!!
wowwee Posts: 62
What about personalised whiskey glasses or personalised whiskey or wine labels? Also handkerchiefs for Father of the Bride/Groom and can also be done for the Groom. All available at
MikeBurke - Photographer Posts: 43
Hi Kitty, What about a Boudoir Shoot and give his the album with instructions not to be opened until the wedding night! Mike Burke - Photographer
Leftbank Posts: 2395
I did the boudoir shoot and he loved them...
cond2b Posts: 58
I'm intending on buying my h2b a guitar I know he'd love.