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vitry Posts: 2
I'm getting married in May and people are asking what we would like as presents. We would prefer the cash but also a few gifts but it is so hard to decide what we want Any ideas of nice presents (besides Newbridge and glass - got enough of these for the engagement)
Mrsdm Posts: 1136
If you would prefer the cash but dont know how to ask there are some good ideas on this website ......[url][/url]
joker Posts: 2789
why dont you do a wedding list from debenhams or house of fraser... i really hope we get cash rather than presents , but im not saying anything... my cousin put a poem in her invites asking for cash not presents n half my aunts gave her presents as they thought it was so rude... was going to do a wedding list but we are moving to canada after the wedding so i dont need any more ornaments etc we have house full!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
i always dodged this question saying sure we have everything we want already or something to that affect, but one of our neighbour was invited and they were so over the moon they were asking my parents what present we would like etc. and my mom new cash was what we really wanted but she said im not sure really. in the end they gave us a gift voucher for a shop in our town that does paint/household items/tv/washmachines etc. and also they do newbridge/crystal/ fab stuff really so we now can either buy something practical for the house or buy some fab thins that our children will probably break haha. anyway a voucher for a similar type shop in your area would be a great idea as then you can pick your own present.