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princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
do you have any pics of wedding guest books you used or where you got them? We want something very simple and elegant in ivory and maybe some gold or purple.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hi, I happened to be in Debenham's this afternoon & spotted some lovely guest books - very simple just in ivory. If you get onto their site maybe they have a picture of one.
nugksport Posts: 89
Hey gals, I got mine on ebay. This is a picture of the one that was been auctioned but the seller informed me that they would change the colour to suit my wedding colours. (sorry it's so big!) :o)ll !!! [img:36uim93u][/img:36uim93u]
ms organised Posts: 1069
Hi there Lantz have really simple ones too. HTH. :wv
La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
In the run up to our wedding I was pulling my hair out over this. I wanted something clean and contemporary and not all ribbons and bows. There is a severe lack of nice guest books. I called into the Pen Corner, a shop on College Green and on the advise of the shop assistant there bought was is technically a photo book but can be used as a guset book. Here's a pic - the lighting in this picture makes it look a horrible mustard colour but it was actually more of a taupe/creamy colour. In the centre we used a tag from one of our invites with our names so it matched all our stationary including mass booklets etc. The pages on the inside are quite heavy so very good quality. Just an idea for those looking... [img:3nht47vr][/img:3nht47vr]
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Can't remember where we got ours, but I know you can get them in Lantz, Easons and in the brilliant shop Hallmark in the Scotch Hall shopping centre in Drogheda - if you're anywhere near there. Actually come to think of it, I think we got our book in Hallmark. I'm addicted to that shop because they have a great selection of the Willow Tree collection (love them!) :lvs One bit of advise about the books - make sure you have someone reliable, allocated to handing around the book, I think its meant to be the bridesmaids or best man. We had about 150 people for our wedding, and a few extra for the afters, but got very few messages in the book. I was very disappointed about that. By the look of things, only one part of the room was given the book. I think there are only about 2 or 3 messages from my side, the rest were mostly his mates. My friend was over from the UK about a year after the wedding and we were talking about the wedding. No idea how or why the subject came up about the book but we learnt something new about it. We couldn't believe that strangers had snuck into our wedding and had the gall to write in our book saying "thanks for the free food etc, the Gate Crashers" I had my suspicions that it was one of hubbys friends as they are annoyingly known to be messers. Then my friend said "What! Did you not know that was us?!" I said "How the hell was I supposed to know! :o0 " Apparently it's thier "thing" to write that into the couples guest book! I said I didn't recognise the writing, that's because her husband wrote it!!! She fell about the place laughing. To say I was embarressed that I had thought it was hubbys friends is an understatement! :-8 Hubby thought it was hilarious too