Wedding hair costs - how much?

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nov_star Posts: 78
Hi girls, Could you let me know how much you've paid / will be paying for the hair trial & the cost for the wedding day? My hair is below shoulder length; I want loose GHD curls & possibly the front of my hair clipped up. I'll go to my regular hairdresser at Peter Mark. Thanks Nov*
pluppy Posts: 3519
i paid €50 for ghd curls... it was that price regardless of hair length and mine was down to my arse and really thick, took 2hrs! bridesmaid had hers up with sparkly clips in it and that was €40 i dunno if thats the norm but seemed reasonable enough to me
shiraz Posts: 770
I normally pay €50 with my regular hairdresser for ghd curls also,and I have long hair! :wv
nov_star Posts: 78
Great, thanks girls - it's good to have a ballpark to work from :wv
Maud Posts: 857
When I have gone to the hairdresser (Peter Mark) for a haircut a few times I've asked them not to dry it poker straight and they've actually done GHD curls instead, and spent ages on it! They included it in the price of the hair cut. Is it that if you tell the hairdresser it's for a wedding it costs loads? You know what I mean? It seems a lot of bridal services are like that.