Wedding in 4 weeks and H2B mother and brother have swine flu

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TheG Posts: 309
I'm absolutely sick with worry at the moment. My H2B's brother is in hospital since Sunday with Swine flu although we only found out yesterday that that's what it was. His mother didn't sleep at all last night with the same symptoms and is going to the doctor this morning to check if she's got it. Now normally I wouldn't be worried that much because flu comes and goes every year and while it does confine you to bed for a week or so you eventually get over it. However, my H2B has got an inherited lung condition which means he's waiting on a lung transplant. I'm just so sick with worry that he's going to get this virus and it's going to, at the very very least, hospitalise him if not worse. I can't eat, or sleep and I'm on edge here. He says he feels fine and doesn't feel sick but I can't help worrying that he's going to get it now anyway. He's going out to his consultant today to have a check up and see if he's displaying any symptoms. Hopefully he'll be ok, I've been praying constantly since yesterday. Just needed to get that off my chest because I can't talk to him about how worried I am because I know he doesn't want me worrying.
sharmon Posts: 437
I don't know what to say other than I hope everyone is well soon. If your H2B not showing any symptoms hopefully he won't get it. As for the flu it kills 500000 people every year, this swine flu seems to be a little more virulent, but it's still just another strain of the flu. Try to just look after yourselves really well & remember to wash hands etc etc.... I had two friend who got swine flu (admitedly they had no underlying illness) & are now fine. I'll say a little prayer for you & I hope your H2B doesn't get the flu & that his Mam & Brother recover quickly.
TheG Posts: 309
Thanks Sharmon, hopefully everything will be fine but just can't help but worry. Makes all this wedding stuff seem insignificant now. So long as me, my H2B and our immediate families are there and well the nothing else matters. Everything else is just a bonus.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Please god everything will be ok with him xxxx
TheG Posts: 309
Thanks Gem. He went to his consultant and his consultant has kept him in hospital now. He was due to go in on Monday anyway for 2 weeks of antibiotics to make sure he stays well for the wedding and the honeymoon. I'm more comfortable with him being in hospital getting boosted with antibiotics anyway so at least it's something.
sharmon Posts: 437
They are obviously being cautious which is good, hope everyone is in good health soon.