Wedding in Bordeaux - Catholic ceremony - no priest!

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suzannejune Posts: 5
Hi all We've run into a bit of a problem in our planning. We are getting married in Bordeaux next year and want to get married in a catholic church. i have FINALLY (after months of unanswered emails and calls) managed to get in touch with the right person in the local parish and thankfully the church is available on our wedding date. The problem is that the priest doesn't speak English! it's so frustrating as nobody seems to be able to help. With all the Irish couples getting married in Bordeaux surely others have had this issue before?! Maybe everyone brings a priest with them. We would prefer not to bring a priest over as we don't really have a family priest. Our wedding planner hasn't been able to help us with this at all. Most people who book the venue have a ceremony in the garden it seems. I'm getting very worried now as time is ticking on and we are getting nowhere with this. I'd be very grateful for any advice anyone could give or any recommendations. Suz
euphrosyna Posts: 68
Can you find someone who speaks French to talk directly to the parish priest, and see if he has any priest friends who do speak English who could co-celebrate with him?
louise2016 Posts: 1
Hi Suzanne, did you get sorted? We have the same problem with our priest in Bordeaux. The church just got a new priest and he doesn't speak English!!! Not getting much help from the church so I'm trying to find an alternative priest. We're getting married this July just outside Bordeaux. We will have a civil marriage registration in Dublin before we go so the church piece in Bordeaux is only a blessing but really want to do that part. It would be great to hear if you were able to sort it out for your wedding. Thanks Louise