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skitchums Posts: 1283
Oh we're debating this too! I want to gt it but the H2B thinks it's a waste of money! I must look into it properly before we make a decision. We've paid nearly all deposits now though so it we're not covered for any of those what's the point?!
jellywellies Posts: 2268
We purchased insurance as one of the first things as well .. just in case!!
katiebear60 Posts: 277
Hi Ladies, I was all set to get wedding Insurance like you all thought it would be well worth it for the peace of mind!!! Then I came across this article on another thread....... ... 63601.html Now I don't know whether to go ahead.... Just wondered would this article make you re-think it??? Link above doesn't seem to be working I'll try again :) ... 63601.html
Shazl Posts: 357
We considered it at first and decided not to - we thought about all the insurances we've had and never claimed on, so we decided not to. But am worried now, getting close to the day and at times I'm panicking - didnt realise the economy would get this bad. fingers crossed.
mrs2013 Posts: 213
Were not getting married till the start of 2013 and i have got a few insurance companies to send me details of there wedding insurance. I am like you i didnt think id ever get wedding insurance but lately with the way the economy has gone and the amount of businesses going bust i think ill be getting the insurance for peace of mind.
Leela2011 Posts: 83
looking at the FAQs on You should purchase our wedding Insurance Policy as soon as you start to incur costs such as placing deposits with a venue, caterer, etc. However, a Blue Insurance Wedding Policy cannot be purchased later than 10 days before your wedding or earlier than 24 months prior to your wedding. seems a bit grey to me but I would read that as you can buy AFTER you have paid some deposits...
katiebear60 Posts: 277
Well that's good becasue I've already paid some deposits! But according to the article in the independent you are already covered for numerous things whether it be through a contract or consumer law??? I think in the grand scheme of things considering how much we will all be shelling out for the wedding a couple of quid for wedding insurance may be well worth while!!