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Shelly321 Posts: 96
Does anybody have much information on it? Or how would one go about getting it?
admin Posts: 1822
We have one company listed if you'd like to contact them directly for more information :) ... -insurance
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi I would definitely recommend getting it. I just googled a few places and then bought it from one that covered us up to €30k and only cost €100.
g_smith Posts: 31
What about those of us getting married in Ireland who live abroad? As far I remember you can't purchase it unless either the bride or groom is a permanent resident. Does anyone know of any insurance companies that will do this?
Annster Posts: 50
Contact a bride abroad fb page she gave me quotes for insurance when non resident (if you live out of Ireland for more than 6months) really helpful and lovely
g_smith Posts: 31
Thanks! I'll have a look this evening :)