Wedding Invitation Wording

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Peanut0912 Posts: 32
Hey everybody :wv This may seem like a silly question but how exactly do you word wedding invitations? Our parents aren't being mentioned on them so we'd like to keep the wording pretty relaxed. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :-8
dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
Any we've gotten not mentioning parents are usally something like x and x would like to request the company of dumdumdidum2013 in joining them as they celebrate their wedding in x church at 1pm and reception afterwards in xx or x and x would like you to join them in celebration of their wedding . . . if you google wedding invites they often have differnet wordings that you could copy wording from. Deptending on how formal or casual you want but invitation sites are prob best place to start!