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photofab Posts: 76
Hi girls I'm sure this thrend has been done to death but just wondering if you can think I am mad!!! I have found fab invitations which I absolutely adore - they are pocketfold and in blue - colour of my bridesmaid dresses - i just adore them! Is €520 a lot for 100 invitations - it includes rsvp cards, directions and envelopes too. Am I mad paying that? Anyone know who does pocketfold invitations cheaper?? thanks girls!!!
FutureWife Posts: 298
its a good price , the main thing is you are happy with them . make sure you get a sample and also make sure you have enough of time to buffer for delays with printing etc . also its never too early to start collecting names and addresses and thinking about how the names should appear . Mr & Mrs Doe , Mr John and Mr Jane Doe , Dr and Mrs etc etc etc etc
cpfbride Posts: 215
Hi photofab, I sent u a pm.
sparklingsmile Posts: 243
Hi phototfab - Legato do a DIY pocketfold invite for 3.75 per invite, you have to assemble them yourself but it comes printed etc - check out their website.!budget ... ld-invites
secretbridie Posts: 359
I;m looking for pocketfold invitations too, but will need in the region of 200 0f them! To be honest €500 sounds like a lot to me, but then again, I have no idea what they should cost - maybe I'm being too optimistic?!! Have a look on - it's an american website, but they seems to be much better value than anything I have seen on Irish / British websites. You also have the option of doing your own printing & assembling to cut the cost. Am going to order a sample from them & have a go at printing the sample at home. If I can do it without too much haslse (fingers crossed!!) then I think I;ll be ordering from there. Would appreciate other ideas though if people have sourced them at a better price at home!
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Hey! We're paying €285 for 150 invites and 150 RSVP cards...however ours are literally like a birthday card or something, no pocket. If you love them and can afford it, get them...we love ours as they are personal to us!
photofab Posts: 76
Thanks so much ladies!!! Glad I put this post up - there defo are cheaper alternatives around I just didn't know where to look. I did feel 500 was very dear - price of one of our honeymoon flights!!! But i just love the pocketfolds. I'll check them all out ladies and let you know how I get on. xxx
sma Posts: 62
Secretbridie, just be aware that cardsandpockets may be subject to customs fees so what you see on their website mightn't be what you pay at the last. But there stuff looks great so hopefully it all works out the best for you!
glitteryelmo Posts: 67
I've just ordered mine. I found ones I loved that had lace on them and couldn't find anything else I liked so I've done it diy. I got from 115 pocket folds with 3 inserts, envelopes, all the rsvp envelopes, 50 evening invitations and envelopes, lace for every invitation, a ribbon to go around and all the glue. Including postage to guests and buying materials to make a sample it'll have cost me 550. Which I was really happy with. They'll look something like this ... -suite-the
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Thats working out at €5.20 per invite. I made pocketfold invites myself and they worked out €2 per invite, so you could definitely save over €300 by doing them yourself. To be honest, there wasn't that much work involved - just gluing the components down as I got the invites, guest information sheet and RSVP's printed with Reads in Dublin. I got the pocketfolds from but there are loads of other suppliers too - and the quality of cardsandpockets were amazing. I'd definitely look into it - you'd save alot.