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Twilight Posts: 34
Hi all, I am just trying to get our invitations sorted-any tips of good sites, I don't really want to spend too much on them...Thanks
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Lantz you could try them they have ones you can buy stright out and there cheap enough .....
sammie Posts: 79
I have ordered mine from and am pure delighted with them :wv
Anitsy2009 Posts: 169
corrina is very nice & patient and reasonable as well
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
This is the woman I used I fell in love with invites on Millie & Me called Inaugu but couldn't afford them. Found Bernie she was very reasonable. Her are mine
Babydoll82 Posts: 313
shobie Posts: 1437
panda_bear Posts: 342
they're my favourite thing about my wedding so far!! this is the 2nd post I've put on here for them today, maybe I should ask for a discount! :o0
ash115 Posts: 43
really can't recommend these high enough... (birchcraft) only cost us 118euro for 100 day invites & rsvps. had friend in US who could bring them home for us but the price difference on shipping was only $40 [img:1ksqsni4][/img:1ksqsni4]
niseycoll Posts: 80
panda bear - love the idea of the cartoon invites - do you mind me asking were they very expesive?