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Lindann Posts: 1
Hi Girls, Really hope somebody can help, I'm currently living in Australia and getting married back home next summer. My plan was to order our invitations online and then to write them and send them home to our families to deliver. Can anyone recommend a website that you can order wedding Invitations to Australia?? There all so expensive over here >:o( Thanks a Million :)
allsĂșn Posts: 253
Just wondering instead of haveing invites sent to Australia to have to send them back to Ireland and the post them after that .would you consider haveing your invites sent to a family member from the start and getting them to write them and post them for you.I know it takes a bit of the fun out of it though.
Ccmcl Posts: 49
Hi. I'm in a similar situation living in Australia and planning on ordering online and getting them sent home. I put up a thread a while ago asking for website recommendations too. I can't link that thread but it's called where to buy invites if you want to google it. I got a few good suggestions on that!