Wedding invitations with photos on them

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limerickbride06 Posts: 19
Hi, just starting to think about wedding invites - I'd like to get ones where they scan on 2 baby photos of us...anyone know a place that does ones like that for a reasonable price?? (in dublin or limerick if possible!)
ainm Posts: 2211
Hi Limerickbride, Acclaim printing in Dublin do it. The samples of the ones with pics look really nice. ... mples.html
lou10 Posts: 389
Hey limerickbride, :wv I dont know where you can get them done, but I would be interested myself in finding out, preferably in the Limerick area. :hic
limerickbride06 Posts: 19
Thanks Drea, I'll give them a try! Lou, I'll let you know if I come across any in Limerick. I'm living in Dublin and getting married in limerick, so trying to decide what things it'll be easier to organise here/there. But I'll probly try to get stationary up here I think.
winterwhite Posts: 173
Hiya I've just sent out invites very like what you are describing. They were done by a crowd in dublin called chanel printing ... p/157.html you wouldn't believe the amount of people that have been commenting on them, i'm amazed at the response. def a winner with the guests :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mad woman Posts: 22106 you can upload your pictures and do up the card yourself we were thinking about doing it for christmas
charli Posts: 5994
i didnt do it for our invites but i have just sent thank you cards with a photo of us on our wedding on front they went down really well as we got married abroad and some people didn't get to see us so they got a photo did them on just upload pics and pick a design template easy peasy
Country-Girl Posts: 683
Hi, We stock that design, heres a few photographs of the most popular ones. Had to reduce the quality to load them up quicker. We also have a few more styles of the photograph range. If you want a brochure email me at [email protected] [img:1m1x9269][/img:1m1x9269] [img:1m1x9269][/img:1m1x9269]
Receptions Posts: 423
Hi Limerickbride, We have an invitation design with photos on. We have a showroom in Clonmel, where you can call in and have a look through invitation books.
bingowings Posts: 1388
Hi Limerick Bride Did you find what you were looking for? I'm looking for something similar - maybe a photo of a rose set in a white border sort of thing, but have had no luck yet :o(