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HandinHand Posts: 9
Just wondering if anyone has ordered wedding invitations from the US from sites like Etsy or Minted? They have some lovely simple invites and are so much cheaper than gettting them here. Would I get stung for import tax though?? Anyone have any experience with this?? :)
omnicube Posts: 21
Yes, they've great selections, but you will most likely get caught for Customs Duty, most likely VAT when it arrives in Ireland. There are good calculators available, just search: duty calculator Have you considered buying the designs through Etsy to print in Ireland or through an online printer? Buying the full print ready designs is great value and then you can professionally print in Ireland to save a lot! This is what I (almost) did. I designed our invitations and printed through VistaPrint and Print24. Will be launching my Etsy store soon that will sell fully designed invitation collections that you can download :)
janiferbeth Posts: 21
Which type of invitation card you want? have you any selected themes?