wedding jobs for H2B

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Gina10 Posts: 104
Just wondering what wedding jobs brides are giving thieir H2B? I was thinking of following up with the band not too sure what else.I think he should have a few jobs as i ve done everything.
happycontent2016 Posts: 464
maybure yo h2b could deal with the honeymoon and getting quotes etc as that can be time consuming. other than that cant really think.... :o0
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
I'd agree with the honeymoon, and maybe sourcing places/prices for suits?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
My Fiance nearly has more to do than I do! He's in charge of finding the band (I have terrible taste in music and can't be trusted, my words not his) He's in charge of the honeymoon and also he's a designer so obviously he's designing the invitations. As well as that he's the obvious job of getting his and the groomsmens suits and getting his ass to the church on the day. My main job is the budget, since I can be stricter than him when it comes to money
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
:o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 you make it sound like he's a little boy getting chores.
Mrs Murray 2B Posts: 100
Definitely give him the honeymoon job, my H2B also took care of the car and I'm giving him the table naming job, he's big into sport so I'm sure there'll be a sports theme to it!
abouttimebride Posts: 368
Im not being a martyr organisng this wedding all by myself- himself has plenty of jobs. I did up the To Do list at the start with both of us taking parts of it. I gave him the practical but majorly important jobs - getting our appt to register the marriage and finding out what we needed to bring, finding out what docs we needed for the churches and who does the paperwork, finding the priest, liasing with the priest and booking the church, booking the pre-marriage course. Then lots of other jobs booking the cars, getting wedding insurnace, making plans for the night before for us and guests, getting suit hire prices, organising presents for the men in the bridal party, and on the day bringing everything needed to the church - mass booklets, candles etc. I'm not giving him the HM as that one is too important to me.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Lol it could be the end of the whole lot. We nearly killed each other at times.Better of doing it yourself.
Lizy09 Posts: 482
My H2B told me his job was done when he bought the engagement ring :o0 Have been informed to tell him the date and time and he'll be there :o0 Suits me fine coz he would hav us wed in a field somewhere, wearing wellies and travelling by tractor - well maybe i'm exagerating but you's get the drift
MrsEL10 Posts: 910
We're only just starting out organising everything and have had arguments already.. easier just to do it myself !!