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hurry2011 Posts: 281
Hi Everyone Im a addict just like im a addict and I spotted this today [url:364bk2wk][/url:364bk2wk] Some people like magicians at weddings and i met this guy at a wedding fair and he really is brilliant!!! but.....for some strange reason I get FREAKED out by them. i dont no why but them and the "baddies in the pantomines" completely freak me out- even at this age!!! just said id let you all know when I spotted it :) :compress
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
we've got him booked already!!! goddamnit! :) He is good though -- h2b loved him when we saw him at a wedding fair too! ! ...they do freak you out tho! :)
frazzledkitty Posts: 882
i cant see it :-( how much does it cost? was thinking of getting something like this
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Girls do you now if he travels?
hurry2011 Posts: 281
Im not sure where he travels- but he seems like such a nice guy so I reckon if you gave him a quick call tomorrow and told him you were planning to buy on citydeal, he would let you know before you buy! Its €80 for up to 50 people, and €140 for up to 200 guests. I think he quoted me something like €300-€350 so seems a good offer!
stickwoman Posts: 2394
I've sent him an email, so hopefully he'll get back to me! It sounds too good to be true, so am expecting him to say he's either booked for the day or he's not travelling that far!
hurry2011 Posts: 281
Hopefully he will respond- because it is only on the cork section he may only be doing the offer in cork due to mileage costs etc. let us know how you get on! :compress
Ashmore Video Productions Posts: 555
Here is a video clip of Ger Kearney. I highly recommend him !
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Unfortunately he's booked for our date