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rachel green Posts: 21
I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and have been given the veggie options of salmon or veg stir fry (I eat fish and love salmon so a fish option is ok) There were other options that included goats cheese - a big no no for me and a garlic pasta thing - no chance of getting a dance after that O:o) What I'm wondering is, what has the least calories (between the salmon and stir fry and is the least likely to leave me getting up from the table with a big full FAT belly. (bloated). I don't know how either will be cooked or what they will be served with but if it is put in front of me I will eat it so looking for the best option Thanks
Jawl Posts: 8881
The vegtable stir fry, you would imagine would have the least amount of calories. But either of them could be garlic laden :o0
rachel green Posts: 21
I was thinking the stir fry would be the better option in terms of calories and bloating (don't expect to get spuds etc with a stir fry but what about the noodles). my dress is not that forgiving hence the question
trance Posts: 3129
If there's broccolli and/or onions in the stir fry they can make you bloated (and onions make me trump!!), I would go for the salmon. Or wear elasticated waist pants just in case :o0