Wedding meal-price per head??

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miss shimmer Posts: 453
Hi girls :) Im just wondering what prices are you paying per head for the meal and whats included? Have a venue booked, but trying to change to another one now, main reason being its too far from the church. But I think we were getting a pretty good deal. €46pp for 5 course meal with a choice for each course, and three choices for the main, summer punch reception with canapes, champagne for bridal party and evening food.Wondering are ye having set menus or are ye having choices on yers??
maryalice1 Posts: 268
Hiya Wow, seems like a great price for what you are getting. I paid €100 per head for the same 2 years ago.
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
seems to me like a great deal i paid the same for no choice and a little less than what your getting i dont think you'll get the same deal again but alot of hotels have great deals on so be worth looking around if your not happy, my hotel was nearly an hour from church and it was my favourite part of the day just myself and hubby in the car drinking champagne so happy :lvs :lvs it was nice to have that time to ourselves
may2111 Posts: 55
Wow that is a really great deal :eek We are paying E47 a head for 4 courses with no choices We have to pay a further E2.50 a head for choice of main and E1.50 head for choice of starer/soup/desert
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
My meal is costing €36.50 a head for a 5 course meal with only a choice of main, but i am in Tipperary so prices do seem a bit cheaper here :wv
junestar11 Posts: 98
ours is 49eur pp were getting summer fruit punch and strawberries, pineapple and marshmallow skewers with chocolate fountain on arrival.. 5 course meal with choice for starters, main and dessert , afters food and chair covers and sashes also included
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Ours is around €29 a head, for 5 courses with choice of starter, main and dessert. This also includes tea/coffee/biscuits on arrival. Our evening food will cost between €6 - €10 a head, depending on what we go for (it's all priced separately as we're having a lot more guests to evening).
lux Posts: 6270
We're paying €45 for a choice of starter, main and desert, canapes and evening food. Wine is done seperately as its a private venue and the catering company doesn't deal with the bar end of things. We're budgeting about €20 per head for wine on top of that as we love our wine and bubbly.
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
OUrs is a lot dearer than most of you. Its costing us €54 a head for starter, soup, main, dessert, tea and coffee, a glass of sparking wine for toast and a cocktail and tea and biscuits for drinks reception. Thats including a discount for midweek wedding, it would usually be dearer. Its not including a choice, thats an extra €5 a course if we want it. Wine and evening food are also extra at around €18 a bottle and evening food €8 plus depending on our choice. although we are getting 30 portions of evening food thrown in as part of our midweek deal.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
That sounds like a great price we paid 83 a head which included meal with choice of main, half bottle of wine per person, reception food and cocktails and evening food chair covers and i think a couple of other smaller things