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Jawl Posts: 8881
I know this should be in Old Faithful, but I'm also after the views and info from past brides. I went for my tasting this week, went very well actually, and we really enjoyed the experience. One of those occasions to be lapped up where as the 'Bride & Groom to be' you are treated like royalty. I wasn't worried about food at all up to the tasting, but now I'm very excited. We have narrowed down our choices, but don't have to submit them til the week before the wedding, which is great. Mr. Jawl and I differ on starters and desserts. Not a huge problem, he's happy to go along with mine. As we both like mine. The chef did say he'd take care of the bride and groom if they wanted anything different. We had a few different desserts the other night and narrowed it down to 2. My dad's favourite dessert did not make it though, and I don't think he'd really be a fan of what we picked, but they are crowd pleasers. So has anybody ever requested let's say 'apple pie' for one guest when everybody else was having profiteroles? Obviously I would only do this for my dad and wouldn't broadcast it. It's just I was at a wedding before and we all had turkey and ham, and the groom's uncle ( who he was very close to ) had beef, simply because he preferred beef, they had requested it for him. I would have went with the medley of desserts but as I'm on a package with the hotel, it would cost me 3.50 extra per person to do the medley, and with 176 guests I don't think I can stretch to the extra €616. I went to two weddings last year and both had the medley and people tended to just eat the little bit they liked and left the rest.
tilsun Posts: 4506
We did this for my sister/bridesmaid who is a very picky eater. The hotel had offered so we just told them beforehand and it was done very simply with no fuss I know you can't cater for everyone but you want your nearest and dearest to enjoy so why not?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
At our hotel the manager told us a story about how at a previous wedding, the bride requested that a lactose free cake of some description be made especially for her Dad. He had a lactose allergy and was sick of fruit salad for dessert so the bride really wanted him to have a full on creamy yummy cakey dessert on her wedding day. The manager said it was absolutley no prob and the chef made this one dessert especially for the Dad. None of the other guests noticed at all, he was served along with everyone else. So I'd say if you have 175 portions of profiteroles and say to your hotel, in advance obviously, that you'd like one apple pie for your Dad they'd have no problem whatsoever. The problem only starts when you start pushing it and saying 'Well apple pie for him and then Auntie Mary wants ice-cream and my best friend will only eat chocolate....' so do know your limits. But if it's simply one single piece of apple pie that you'd like and you're fine with the rest of the menu, then I can't see any hotel worth their salt arguing over one piece of apple pie. We had coeliac and lactose intolerant guests at our wedding and the hotel dealt with them no problem, getting them all sorts of different things throughout the meal.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I would ask- only thing If it's a private venue that just does a wedding or 2 a week they may have to make an entire apple pie for one person. But of it's a hotel or restaurant or any venue that opens to the public they will prob have it anyway or they can sell it off in there restaurant so not a problem. Other thing is they will always cater for dietary restrictions e..g. my BM won't eat wheat so I had to order a different starter for her and it wasn't a problem. I just went with soup for her and even though it was a private venue they did enough soup to cater for anyone who didn't want the starter but didn't broadcast it- I just mentioned to my nana and a few fussy eaters to mention it to the waitress and it was fine. TBH you're spending a fortune and can't see one slice of apple tart being a problem for the father of the bride!
rianna Posts: 770
My sister is a vegetarian and because we had steak or seabass as the choice we asked could she have any sort of vegetarian meal instead, and we were told no problem, and that if any other guest had other queries on the day that they'd do their best to cater for it. I'm sure they get asked for various things like that on a regular basis
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Our hotel has told us that the top table can order pretty much whatever they want, if I want sausages and chips with the kids, or dad wants a steak, he could have it! Won't be telling that to any of them tho, one of th GM loves something for free and would probably order fillet steak when everyone's is watching him whilst eating their chicken :duh: Obviously there's no problem for any special dietary requirements. I'd sat just ask them, all they can say is no, but will probably be only too delighted do it
paperclips Posts: 3146
I wouldnt say it would be a problem. At a wedding recently a friend of mine was able to get a special meal, as she is pregnant and couldnt eat the food on the day. The bride had arranged for her to have something that she could eat, enjoy and keep down! There was no hassle at all, the staff were all aware and knew the table my friend was sitting at to give her her meal
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Our hotel told us, there will always be a few people who wont want whats on the menu and will either ring the hotel before hand or on the had order something else "off the menu". Its quite common apparently. Our hotel said they will always accomomdate these type of requests (within reason) so Im sure your hotel would be the same if one guest wanted to order a different dessert other than what you have picked as long as its done discreetly so half the guests dont do the same. Might be worth checking with your hotel on this - I doubt it would be a problem.
Jawl Posts: 8881
Thanks Guys! I've e.mailed the hotel. It will JUST be for my dad, as I see him as one of the most important guests on the day. And also it will be done very discreetly and he won't or we won't be mentioning it to anybody. I am NOT going down that road of catering to every whim. Obviously "actual" dietary requirements will be catered for though. Although all of the hotels dishes are gluten free. Harsh though it sounds everybody else will be served the dishes we've selected and will have to lump it or like it. I haven't always LOVED every course I've ever had at a wedding but with 4 courses I've always ended up stuffed after EVERY wedding. We do have one guest going, and we were at a wedding with her last year. She won't eat the starter, won't eat the soup, will ask them for the silent option on the menu like a bit of chicken and some chips and gravy, and won't eat dessert. She was a nightmare, but she worked as a waitress in hotel for years, so she's always asked discreetly. Mr. Jawl reckons we should just order her a kids meal and have done with it :o0
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I'd say it would be easy. We had creme brulee for dessert which I don't like so I asked for sorbet and I got them to do icecream for my Dad as he pretty much just eats icecream when it comes to sweet things.