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Buttonnose Posts: 477
Hiya, We're currently looking for a videographer for our wedding next year and this company pipped up on our radar. Just struggling to find any feedback on them. Has anyone had them or heard any reviews about them? Feel free to leave recommendations as I'm struggling trying to find someone within budget and whose work we both like. Cheers! :thnk
AH2012 Posts: 3
Hey Buttonose, I looked at Moments as well - he seems pretty good but I decided to go for Orchid Pictures in the end - Was at a friends wedding where they did the video and it was absolutely brilliant!! It's a totally different type of wedding video - maybe not for everyone but something you will watch over and over........ We are getting married in November so am really looking forward to it!
Buttonnose Posts: 477
It's gas that you mentioned Orchid pictures as we only chose a handful of videographers to email and they were one of the names on the list! We've emailed a few companies but haven't got replies from all of them which is annoying me a bit tbh. Communication is key! Thanks so much for the advice, think we're going to run with it. :thnk
jessiejane Posts: 27
Hi Buttonnose, Just wondering did you book Wedding Moments in the end, i am very interested in booking them for my wedding next year, Thanks
Buttonnose Posts: 477
Hi JessieJane, no we didn't go with Wedding Moments in the end. We preferred another company. That was the trickiest thing to choose for the wedding so far! :innocent:
jessiejane Posts: 27
Thanks I know what you mean, its between them and sure shot productions, its a hard decision to make. But I suppose a nice one at the same time, best of luck with yours,
Ros2013 Posts: 11
Hi, We actually booked with the guy for our wedding in August of next year. We met him and he was so relaxed and good fun we decided to go with him. His prices were by far more reasonable than anyone else we checked with. Fingers crossed it all goes well!!!!!!
jessiejane Posts: 27
I've also booked them for our wedding in April, (will let you know how it goes) like that they are reasonable and are willing to travel for free, and the quality of their videos from what i've seen are great. Fingers crossed :)