Wedding Morning - where to get ready?

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marzip Posts: 3
Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone has ever booked a hotel room just to get ready the morning of their wedding? My parents house is too small to accomodate hairdresser, MUA, photographer,videographer, bridal party etc so I've ruled out getting ready there. So I'm thinking now I could just book a room in a hotel 15/20 mins from the church and get ready there. My reception hotel is about an hour from the church so it doesn't really make sense to get ready there. Has anyone had a similar experience to this? Any advice would be welcome :)
Brendan Galvin Films Posts: 15
Hi Marzip... if it is at all possible even with a tight squeeze I would recommend you stay at home in the house... You cant beat the fun and nervous excitement of everything happening in the one place... Once you go elsewhere, everything gets broken up and in my experience the fun becomes diluted a bit... Thats a complete generalization of course, but if you can at all stay at home :)
marzip Posts: 3
Thanks so much for the advice - I think you're probably right :) It seems less personal too to be in some random hotel. I'm just afraid it will be too hectic for my parents as they're quite elderly. Thanks again for the advice, its good to hear someone elses perpective on it rather than going over it again and again in my head!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
we got our hair done in the hairdresser down the road & did it two about, two for hair & two for make up in my house then swap about. You can't beat the excitement being in your own house - those are the memories you will cherish forever. It's workable jus takes a schedule & organisation!
euphrosyna Posts: 68
We are getting ready in an apartment belonging to the hotel, as my mam's house wouldn't work out. I know she'd be totally stressed out, and therefore so would I. The bridesmaids and I are staying there that night, and my mam will probably be there til late, so I don't feel like we're losing out of excitement.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I got ready in our hotel, but I had stayed the night before too. I was glad not to get ready at home to be honest as the house is not that big, I would have ended up being peed off and my Dad would just have felt in the way, not knowing where to put himself. We'd probably all be have been waiting to use the bathroom, the kitchen would smell of fried breakfast etc etc. There's no decent full length mirror either! Can feel my bloodpressure rising at the thought of it! On the other hand, the hotel gave us a luxury suite with 3 separate rooms joined by a big open hallway so we had hairdresser in one room, MUA in another and could get dressed in the third room. I ordered up sambos & scones, had brought champagne and we made tea & coffee throughout the morning. I had my iPod playing in the hall, a special playlist I made for the morning of the Big Day, it was calm & relaxed, I have such great memories of that morning. To be honest I would seriously consider booking the random hotel if it cuts down on stress. Have you asked your parents' opinion on it, would they be offended if you wanted to get ready elsewhere? If it makes life easier, do it!!
marzip Posts: 3
Thanks everyone for the advice :) The suite or apartment sounds like a great idea, I'll definitely look into it. My parents wouldn't be offended at all, I think they would be slightly relieved to be honest :) As everyone said the less stress the better!
Louisegorman Posts: 8
Definately try squeeze into the house the atmosphere been at home is great! I went back to my mams house, with 4 bridesmaids, photographer, hairdresser and make up artist, no one was in the way we all had plently of room it was great! U would much prefer it
shivivryan Posts: 40
I know how you feel I was thinking the morning of the wedding is going to be so busy at home and might put a lot of pressure on my parents as they arent really used to a big fuss..but on the other hand it would be lovely to go from home..last time as an unmarrie woman!! some hotels include a pre ceremony room..i know ours does
Trishlong17 Posts: 10
My 2 bridesmaids (my sisters) are trying to convince me to get my hair done in a salon (the salon has offered us the top floor to ourselves and we can bring MUA) seriously considering it as my house will be chaotic then come home to get ready