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upthewallsbride Posts: 53
I was watching The Wedding Planner last night and it put me in the mind for a girly night in with the BMs watching wedding movies to get us all in the mood - anyone have any suggestions?
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
My Best Friends Wedding Father of the Bride can't think of any more at the mo, I must need another cup of coffee!! >:o) :o0
ladybusby Posts: 575
27 dresses, havent seen it yet but heard its great :o0
Momof2 Posts: 3884
27 dresses so not great! Sorry I got it at the weekend all excited an really was a bit of a let down Runaway Bride Father of the Bride both parts 4 weddings and a funeral love the scottish wedding my dream if I could have it There have to be more!! I've got brain freeze
blissful2b Posts: 1555
the wedding date with debra messing... i love that movie... Dermot Mulroney is a bit tasty. >:o) (especially when he's getting out of the shower! :xox ) [img:1ntfi1vo],0,319,319_SS90_.jpg[/img:1ntfi1vo]
upthewallsbride Posts: 53
Was disappointed with 27 Dresses as well, Audreys.
Sheep Posts: 626
[quote="ladybusby":w5sc9qa7]27 dresses, havent seen it yet but heard its great :o0[/quote:w5sc9qa7] It's not great at all!
dellol Posts: 315
Definately Mama Mia...... you can dance along too at the same time.......
Shinney Posts: 266
oh mama mia is the ultimate feel good movie. Heard also that 27 dresses isnt great.
201108 Posts: 196
Maid of honour licence to wed wedding daze mama mia my best friends wedding the wedding date The wedding crashers runaway bride :o0 the wedding planner Sweet Home Alabama My Big Fat Greek Wedding Four Weddings and a Funeral The Best Man Muriel's Wedding The wedding singer Father of the bride American pie - the wedding I think you will need a week off to watch all of them O-O